From Fringes to Mainstream – Showing the Path, Unlocking Doors - Diversity and Inclusion in Ajuba

The way we look at it, ‘Thought Leadership’ in Ajuba doesn’t confine itself to domain expertise and knowledge. It is awareness at a point where we are able to further understanding and adopt practices that challenge and consequently define social and organizational context.


We invited the renowned, Apsara Reddy, a proud transsexual woman, to sensitize our leaders to the notion of working with people who are transitioning or have transitioned. The session was an eye-opener, shattering pre-conceived opinions related to the vast, almost-ambiguous area of the transgendered community.


Each individual from the session, consciously uncoupled gender from talent, personality or even looks, for that matter. What an individual can contribute to the workforce triumphs all. It is a matter of pride for Ajuba that the man to woman ratio here is 50:50. The time is ripe to further the marquee!



This is the story of Ajuba, the promise that anyone can rise from any background to become anything he or she wants to be, through their work and attitude.


For, we are, Diversifying gender, Destroying stereotypes.

Restoring it Right! – A Lakes’ Restoration and Conservation Project Ajuba CSR Initiative

A planet we share with all life forms. It is unfortunate that humans have brutally snatched it away from so many, that there is an impending doom if not restored right, right away! What Chennai looked like probably 50, or even 30 years back, is a complete contrast to what it is today. A topography rich in flora, fauna and a diverse landscape of mountains, rivers and lakes, is now replaced by high rises, wide roads and human apathy towards it all.


Responsible development and growth is the pressing need of the hour. In an attempt to undo the damage, Ajuba CSR has undertaken a massive lakes’ restoration and clean-up project. Every weekend, a small battalion of environment conscious Ajubans, get to work at a water body to clean the place of trash, garbage and debris.


The motive is to open the eyes of the people living in and around that area to the fact that a water body is not their dumping yard. Many a time, seeing the hard work put in by our employees, they have joined the group, lending a hand, cleaning up after themselves. The area Corporation office is also contacted and coordinated with, and the accumulated garbage is disposed responsibly.



Change of this magnitude does not happen overnight, the campaign concentrates on one lake at a time for a period of three months.


‘Restore it Right!’ is an Ajuba undertaken initiative for the restoration of water bodies in Chennai, in association with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI).

A Clean Sweep! A Cricket Extravaganza!

Ajuba Premier League ’16.


A month where Ajuba breathed and lived cricket! The buzz was plausible and the atmosphere charged with excitement. No surprise this, because 45 teams registered, a whopping 675 Ajubans ready for battle!


Ajuba Premier League is the most awaited sporting event of the year. Suitably timed around the T20 World Cup and IPL, APL is the opportunity that Ajubans get to be part of the cricket fever that grips the nation. And they go for it, with guns blazing!


The tournament lasted 3 days, every minute, each player giving their heart, soul and mind to the game, for their team. Strategies were brainstormed and executed, team spirit was at an all-time high and true sportsmanship came to the fore. The quirky fun names that the teams gave themselves drew the loudest cheers from the stands, Slowva Potta Six Adipom, Adaengappa, to name a few.


Amidst tough competition, Backlash Ajubans clinched the title for the second time in a row and Bulls Boys came in a close second. Trophies, medals and attractive cash prizes were given away for best Batsman, Bowler, the best dressed teams and the Man of each Match.


A tournament where winning or losing did not matter, for the love of the game triumphs all! 

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