Truly Monumental! Independence Day Celebrations ’16

The most striking feature of our Indian culture and landscape is probably the beautiful and historic sites, found in abundance across the country. Each one a proud owner of a legendary narrative and a breath-taking architecture. This Independence Day was a dedication to all those monuments that India can take pride in!

From the east to the west to the north to the south, Ajubans took us on a delightful tour! Replicating Indian’s celebrated monuments in absolutely creative materials, the task was accomplished with sincerity and respect. Taj Mahal, Tanjavur Big Temple, Charminar, Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid, we saw them all!

Apart from the handiwork of our Ajubans, the tri colours were displayed in all of our facilities, and on us, distinctly on our chest!

The judges had a tough time adjudging the winners, but the one feeling that reigned supreme throughout the day was an underlying sense of patriotism and admiration for this great country that we call our own!

Jai Hind!

An Awards and Appreciation Extravaganza! Ajuba Annual Day ’16

In the history of Ajuba Annual Days, this year was a milestone in numerous ways! The Rewards & Recognition division went all out on this one! A new, very meaningful logo was unveiled, a symbolic tribute to the phrase “adding feathers” to one’s cap.


The hype created for the event within Ajuba, culminated into the grand awards’ night! A red carpet welcome awaited Ajubans everywhere they turned, in office, at the venue and by the stage! The photo booths and the feather props were a run-away hit.


Ajuba celebrates its 15th year anniversary this year, exceptionally commendable in this time and age. It is only Ajuba’s employees and their loyalty, commitment and dedication that has positioned the organization firmly as one the most successful and prominent names in the industry, today.



The entire management team was present, loudly cheering on all the winners and awardees. Special video compilations on our assets and achievements, which is our people, embellished the show!


The evening came to a draw amidst loud cheers and applause, concluding in a grand feast, truly worthy of our Kings and Queens!


Ajuba Annual Day ’16 was a feather in Ajuba’s R&R cap!

From Fringes to Mainstream – Showing the Path, Unlocking Doors - Diversity and Inclusion in Ajuba

The way we look at it, ‘Thought Leadership’ in Ajuba doesn’t confine itself to domain expertise and knowledge. It is awareness at a point where we are able to further understanding and adopt practices that challenge and consequently define social and organizational context.


We invited the renowned, Apsara Reddy, a proud transsexual woman, to sensitize our leaders to the notion of working with people who are transitioning or have transitioned. The session was an eye-opener, shattering pre-conceived opinions related to the vast, almost-ambiguous area of the transgendered community.


Each individual from the session, consciously uncoupled gender from talent, personality or even looks, for that matter. What an individual can contribute to the workforce triumphs all. It is a matter of pride for Ajuba that the man to woman ratio here is 50:50. The time is ripe to further the marquee!



This is the story of Ajuba, the promise that anyone can rise from any background to become anything he or she wants to be, through their work and attitude.


For, we are, Diversifying gender, Destroying stereotypes.

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