Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twelve – This isn’t just a number. Blood Donation Camp ’17

5912 is the number of lives touched with Ajuban blood running in their veins!


Since the year 2013, blood donation camps are a regular fixture in our calendar. Each year is a deserving Blood Bank supporting worthy causes. And MiraMed Ajubans hold no bar when it comes to donating, even if it is their blood!


2017 saw MiraMed Ajuba join hands with Madras Voluntary Blood Bureau, setting up the camps within office premises. The doctors and technicians from the organization were professional and courteous, immediately putting the donors at ease, even cracking a joke or two to alleviate the fear on the dreaded needle! A thorough body check-up was performed, only allowing able donors to go ahead with the donation.


World Blood Donor Day is a day of significance in MiraMed Ajuba. 5 minutes and a 1 pint of blood from each donor and there you have it, 3 lives changed and saved. 4, if you count the donor! What joy it to know, that you have made a difference!


Finding your Zen – All in a Day’s Work! International Yoga Day ’17

Packing in a day’s work, finding inner peace with an overwhelming sense of relaxation, while moving your muscles, stretching those joints, bringing a few calories… Phew! International Yoga Day packed quite the punch for MiraMed Ajubans!


Just like how our Indian MiraMed Ajubans are taking the world by storm with their efficiency and effectiveness, Indian Yoga is also sweeping the world over. In observance of this special day dedicated to Yoga, we at, MiraMed Ajuba, organized for Desk Yoga that can be practiced anytime, anywhere!


The hour long session, focused on calming techniques, relaxing every last muscle of the body. A sense of serenity embraced the workplace, increasing the positive energy flowing in the room manifold.


International Yoga Day was observed as a weeklong celebration with Yoga sessions by experts across shifts and facilities.

Rejuvenated Body. Refreshed Mind. Renewed Energy. – This was International Yoga Day in a nutshell at MiraMed Ajuba.

Time Spent as Family, with Family! MiraMed Ajuba Annual Day ‘17

Though the intend of the day was to recognize, reward and applaud exceptional performance at work, the order of the day was Family bond, which every single employee in the packed auditorium felt.


We got #trending! As an organization, known to define trends and show the way, the theme #trending reflected at every corner one turned. The Photo Booth, the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photo-ops, it was a laugh and colour riot, even before entering the auditorium.



Inside the auditorium, it rained awards! With over 400 employees who have completed 10+ years with the organization, 200 Superstars, best leaders, awards for quality and compliance, team excellence, the evening was an awards’ galore!


What stood out, however, was Family Ties. The bond that we, MiraMed Ajuba, share with our people, and the faith and loyalty that our people show to us, was clearly reflected in every word uttered on stage. From every person in the management team, including Tony Mira – Group Founder and CEO, Sue Mira – COO, Aravind Nadella – Sr. Director Engineering, Dr. Ganesh Kumar – Director Operations, Hema Parikh – Director Human Resources & Administration and Narasimha Nayak – Director Finance, emphasizing on the importance of being Family! The gifts, goodies and prizes followed suit!


Among loud roads of cheer and excitement, the event drew to a close, with a promise of a brighter tomorrow, as aptly put by Tony, “Together we have achieved what was Unachievable and together we will achieve the impossible!”

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