Time Spent as Family, with Family! MiraMed Ajuba Annual Day ‘17

Though the intend of the day was to recognize, reward and applaud exceptional performance at work, the order of the day was Family bond, which every single employee in the packed auditorium felt.


We got #trending! As an organization, known to define trends and show the way, the theme #trending reflected at every corner one turned. The Photo Booth, the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photo-ops, it was a laugh and colour riot, even before entering the auditorium.



Inside the auditorium, it rained awards! With over 400 employees who have completed 10+ years with the organization, 200 Superstars, best leaders, awards for quality and compliance, team excellence, the evening was an awards’ galore!


What stood out, however, was Family Ties. The bond that we, MiraMed Ajuba, share with our people, and the faith and loyalty that our people show to us, was clearly reflected in every word uttered on stage. From every person in the management team, including Tony Mira – Group Founder and CEO, Sue Mira – COO, Aravind Nadella – Sr. Director Engineering, Dr. Ganesh Kumar – Director Operations, Hema Parikh – Director Human Resources & Administration and Narasimha Nayak – Director Finance, emphasizing on the importance of being Family! The gifts, goodies and prizes followed suit!


Among loud roads of cheer and excitement, the event drew to a close, with a promise of a brighter tomorrow, as aptly put by Tony, “Together we have achieved what was Unachievable and together we will achieve the impossible!”

‘Volley’-ing for the Win! Spike & Sling ’17 – Intra-Corporate Volleyball and Throwball Tournament

It was a hot day! But the rising temperatures were a result of the heated sporting action that was taking place on the ground by the very talented MiraMed Ajubans!


The second edition of our intra-corporate Volleyball and Throwball tournament was conducted amidst much enthusiasm and sportsmanship spirit. The day began with a bang with four of our strongest teams battling out to emerge League Winners in the Volleyball and Throwball category.


The fundamental characteristics of Spike & Sling ’17, like its previous edition, remained fair play and team work. The teams didn’t lose sight of what is essentially important, that is to have fun together!


After over 30 matches conducted, Team Defending Champs, staying true to their name, lifted the coveted cup in the Men’s Volleyball championship and Team Pegasus ‘caught’ the title in the Women’s Throwball category.


All of MiraMed Ajuba’s sports initiatives are intended to promote healthy living for physical and mental well-being. More such events in the anvil!

The Many Reasons of the Healthy Season! World Health Month 2017


In the tug-of-war between health and lifestyle, those who choose to maintain the balance are the true winners!


This is a generation that wants everything on the go and with maximum ease and minimum effort! Fast food, online shopping, TV, computers, mobile phone and to top it all a sedentary work style, our movement has become super-limited! And so has our health!


At MiraMed Ajuba, we set out to change all that with a Fitness Challenge to get our people to make a choice. The choice to exercise, the choice to use one part of their work time to do simple stretches, to eat on time, to move around, take a short walk as much as possible etc. While the Fitness Challenge gave some hilarious moments on-floor, the message was driven home in each one! Health cannot be taken for granted. In addition, there were Oral Health Camp that were organized.


Tie-ups with leading hospitals and gym chains that offers exclusive discounts to MiraMed Ajuba employees have also been set up. April 2017, the Svasth forum in MiraMed Ajuba awakened the feeling in each one of us that being healthy is not a destination, but a journey and a choice you make for yourself, every single day.


So next time you hit that snooze button to skip gym, think again!

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