Technology Infrastructure

MiraMed Ajuba provides world-class infrastructure to its clients through its state-of-the art technology and telecom environment, thus ensuring uninterrupted service delivery in a robust and secure environment.

State-of-the-Art Predictive Dialer
MiraMed Ajuba uses Concerto's Ensemble Pro predictive dialer which is ranked among the best in the call center industry. It gives us a competitive edge in creating and running campaigns, operating in a blended mode (in-bounds & out-bounds), display of desired called ID, recording customized messages, designing IVR menus and the ability to extract intuitive and relevant reports.

Collections Plus
Collections Plus is a proprietary web and RDBMS based tool that reports on liquidation %, balance stratification, percentage of new accounts, unworked accounts, number of re-worked accounts and provides intelligence on which dollar ranges, geographies, original creditors, debtor profiles etc. have yielded the most success.

It gives us a unique advantage in generating ‘Collectibiltiy' scores for each project and enhancing them as the project progresses. ‘Collectibiltiy' scores, along with ‘Priority' score are used to generate the daily dialer lead file, with intelligence on which accounts to attempt at a given time of the day. Using Collection Plus, we have improved liquidation percentages by over 25%.

Workflow Management Tool
We have developed a proprietary workflow management tool that helps segment, allocate and track large volumes of account receivables (AR).

Using this tool, our onsite managers can segment an AR portfolio of over a million accounts into numerous work queues using dollar balance, age, provider, payer class and a host of other criteria; create multiple teams from a pool of over hundred resources using prior experience; allocate work queues to specialized teams; monitor accounts worked, resolved, current and historical liquidation and a host of other metrics.

This tool has helped us deliver large, complex projects in record time and with significantly higher liquidation percentages.

Management Speak

At MiraMed Ajuba, we deliver results through diligent processes, measurable costs, and technological innovations.

Management Speak

Our wide-ranging assortment (variety) of services gives our clientele the capability to remain up-to-date with the latest technology as well as condense working costs.

Management Speak

An experience of over a decade with tested methods and inventive expertise has made it feasible for us to add more value to the services we provide to our clients.

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