Process Excellence

MiraMed Ajuba methodically maps out the business process in an effort to provide “the best practice” solution to the client. As a part of this process, project managers are identified for each project and they are responsible for ensuring that project deliverables meet stringent quality metrics and rework is minimized. Key result areas (KRAs) of these project managers are tied to project metrics, which are monitored to ensure that trends are kept within the upper and lower control limits (UCL and LCLs).

The emphasis on defined, measured and systematic processes makes the project review process objective and thorough. It also helps identify and fix ‘root causes' as and when overall service delivery to our clients may be at risk.

Proven Transition Methodology

MiraMed Ajuba follows an established, tested methodology while transitioning work from a client onsite location to our offsite operations centers. This methodology ensures that processes get transitioned on time, within budget and as per the agreed upon scope of work. This methodology splits the transition process into the following four distinct steps, with clear deliverables at the end of each step before the transition team takes up the next step.

Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

The word Quality underlines every aspect of MiraMed Ajuba's Service Delivery model.

Quality in Action is a tenet that is lived by all our employees at every level.

MiraMed Ajuba's ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system is clearly linked to our business objectives of continuously benchmarking and delivering quality solutions that meet client expectations.

The 3 cornerstones of our QA program are:

  • 01
    Data Quality Monitoring

    This refers to our detailed monitoring system where our line managers conduct detailed and thorough quality audits on all transaction processing functions. Depending upon client requirements, the audits could be conducted randomly or periodically for upto 100% of all records processed.
  • 02
    Call Quality Monitoring

    This refers to our technology enabled monitoring capabilities where calls are logged and reviewed by line managers for domain expertise, soft skills, communication and adherence to client specifics to ensure accurate data is processed.
  • 03
    Compliance Monitoring

    Both Data Quality and Call Quality monitoring include stringent compliance
    standards to regulations such as HIPAA, FDCPA, DPA etc depending upon the practice and nature of the process.

Scoring System

All Quality Audits include a detailed scoring system where every employee is rated on a scale of 1 - 5 and the scores are tied to the performance management system. Equally, any areas of improvement are immediately documented and shared with the employee along with relevant and timely coaching.

Mentoring Plan and Corrective Action

Employees thus coached are placed on a mentoring track where they are audited more frequently and feedback provided till they reach acceptable standards of quality. Employees are also placed on a Corrective Action Plan that include refresher training and counseling for improvement.

Bridge Period – New Hires

In order to ensure adequate time for new employees to reach the desirable quality and productivity standards, all new hires are placed on a 1 month bridge period in a close mentoring system with continuous quality audits and feedback mechanisms in place.

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