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Abundant Career Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector.

Tony Mira, Group Founder and CEO, on the impact of Obamacare repeal and the educational prospects in this healthcare sector.

Showing the Way!

Tony Mira, Group Founder and CEO, emphasizes the need to equip Healthcare industry with paperless formats, all over the world and especially in India. MiraMed Ajuba is fully suited to lead the way!

World Cancer Day

Neerja Malik, a two time Cancer survivor enlightened our employees with inspirational talk on how to face Cancer.

Advent of Technology

Tony Mira gives his expert opinion and discusses the future of technology in the Healthcare Sector.

Expert Panel

Hema discussing analytics and technology’s future in the domain of Human Resources
Human Capital Magazine December ’16 Edition

Ajuba and Analytics

Tony gives his insights on the evolving healthcare industry, the beauty of analytics as a technical bliss aiding in majority of the operations, and about Ajuba being a game changer and its future plans.

Iris ’16 in the Media!

The New Indian Express - 19 Nov, ’16

What the Future Holds.

Tony Mira answers questions on the future of the U.S. economy, the Healthcare Sector, India and Ajuba.

Trump and Obama(care)

Our Group Founder and CEO, Tony speaks about the Healthcare sector business, international relations and ties in Trump’s regime.

Working towards a Smart Future.

Ajuba’s Group Founder and CEO, Tony Mira, speaks about aligning superlative technology with exemplary service.

Nailing the Mid-Year Performance Review!

Our Director, Hema Parikh talks about getting it right.

Ajuba’s Gram Seva in U.S. Media!

Ajuba CSR’s Gram Seva initiative finds it’s way into U.S. news channels for its novelty and impact.

Post-hiring processes drive Talent Experience!

Our Director, Hema Parikh talks about how to hire, engage, retain and develop talent.

Want to be productive despite the technological distractions?

Our Director, Hema Parikh talks about how to make this happen!

Times of India - Ascent 18 Nov, ’15

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