MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt Ltd( “the company”) has established itself as one of the leading end-to-end healthcare services outsourcing companies focused on Revenue Cycle Management . At MiraMed Ajuba, people are our most valuable asset. All our people practices are based on our core principles of trust & transparency, complete meritocracy, seamless teamwork and continuous learning. Furthermore, excellence in delivery underpins everything we do. This has helped us create a work environment, where every employee feels cared for and in being inspired to go the extra mile at all times

It has been found recently that some individuals/ firms/ placement agencies have been fraudulently enticing candidates with job opportunities at MiraMed Ajuba for a fee /and /or deposit /refundable deposit etc or similar “money linked” recruitment schemes .This is totally without any company authorisation

MiraMed Ajuba states that the company has never charged money or accepts any deposit /refundable deposit or any monetary amount for recruiting candidates nor does the company have any authorized individual /agency for recruiting candidates under any such “money linked “schemes

It has also come to company’s attention also that some unscrupulous elements and fraudsters are misusing the company’s name /logo and or passing off email id’s similar to or misleading as our company and cheating potential job aspirants by demanding payment of cash or deposit of cash /cheques/DD’s into bank accounts etc and also handing out fake offer letters displaying the company’s logo etc .

We deeply sympathise with any person so cheated and would encourage them to take appropriate action in the form of police complaint against such fraudsters

Our recruitment and company policies strictly prohibit taking any form of payment /rewards whether in cash /cheque /DD or kind for any employment offer at MiraMed Ajuba.In case any one receives such an offer they can be sure that this is a fake offer /fraudulent scheme and is without the company’s permission/authorization.


MiraMed Ajuba wishes to warn candidates seeking employment with them to kindly note the following:

  • Beware of job offer received from organizations or individuals claiming to be from MiraMed Ajuba and demanding a fee for job application

  • Kindly verify the authenticity of organizations/individuals assuring candidates of providing jobs in reputed companies

  • Under no circumstances pay any amount to agencies/ individuals who charge for job applications. MiraMed Ajuba does not charge applicants for their candidature under any circumstances

  • Do not disclose any personal & confidential information, including bank account ,credit card details ,account pin numbers under any circumstances .these could be misused by such persons

  • All final recruitment interviews (except during campus recruitment or specific exhibitions/job fairs ) take place only within the company’s premises /branch offices .For a list of such locations visit our website www.miramedajuba.com . Moreover please note that even in these locations all interviews/job discussions are held inside the designated office area only.

  • At no stage including on applying to or joining the company is any candidate required to make any form of payment whatsoever for securing any type of employment within MiraMed Ajuba Solutions

  • In case of the slightest suspicion about the source & credentials of such individuals/ agencies claiming to be MiraMed Ajuba’s representatives, it is requested that the matter be reported immediately to MiraMed Ajuba at the addresses furnished below

In case of any doubts on any mail or phone call that a potential candidate has received regarding job offers at MiraMed Ajuba -they are encouraged to immediately contact

i-By email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. furnishing detail /scanned /forwarded copies of all communication
ii- write by registered post/reputed courier to
The Manager – Human Resources
MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt Ltd
12-02 Tidel Park
4 Canal Bank Road, Taramani
Chennai 600 113 INDIA


MiraMed Ajuba reserves the right to take appropriate legal action /criminal prosecution against such unauthorized operators
The company however cannot take any responsibility/liability for indemnifying any losses suffered by any one as a result of such unauthorized/fake offers/schemes


Director-Human Resources
MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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