Learning and Development

Learn. Work. Grow. When continuous and diligent learning reflects on work, it results in growth.


At Ajuba, Clearly Defined Growth Opportunities are complemented with Specialized Trainings. Training is provided on domain knowledge. In addition, inbound and outbound trainings for nurturing leadership qualities that employees possess. To effectively channelize time, there are online training modules on the intranet available at the click of a button.


All facilities feature teaching and training room. The training curriculum is provided by industry experts and experienced professionals. The training sessions allows employees to gain experience, expand their skill set and deepen their knowledge.


Our endeavors towards excellence in Competency Development have been well recognized. Ajuba's training practices were ranked among The Top 5 Best BPO Employers in India by IDC – Dataquest.


Home-grown leaders are the pride of Ajuba. Best Performers and fast learners have ample avenues to go up the ladder within short spans of time. Leadership Enhancement and Assessment Program (LEAP) is an integrated talent management system allows employees to seek newer positions. Through LEAP, employees can chart their own growth story.

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