The Jolliest Bunch! Christmas Celebrations ’16

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There is the festive spirit in the air, a sense of merriment, the colours of Christmas adorn all spaces, the tree, the crib, the gifts – the season just cannot get any better!


We took Ajubans by surprise this year, going right to them with goodies, sweets, chocolates and Santa Claus in tow. Games were just a reason to give away chocolates. We conducted Christmas related contests that everyone enthusiastically took part it. The dramatic entry of Santa was the highlight. Ajubans and Santa danced to Carols and posed for happy pictures. Santa’s antics had everyone in splits.


The festivities began right at the beginning of the month. Every team played its own version of Secret Santa. Crazy tasks were performed and gifts were exchanged.


Rich decadent Plum cakes and cookies were part of the gift box that all Ajubans received. Special Biryani for Lunch and Dinner spelt yummy in the tummy! Ajuba had a very merry Christmas ’16, setting the right tone, entering 2017 with lots of energy, positivity and enthusiasm!

Aattam, Paattam, Kondattam! Iris ’16 – Ajuba Culturals

A Thiruvizha is usually an annual fest where people come together, have fun, take part in competitions, bask in all the revelry! Well, this sounds exactly like the definition of Iris each year. What better theme than Thiruvizha for Iris ’16!


Come November, and epic talent gets unleashed in Ajuba. Be it Singing, Dancing, Variety or Fashion Show, talent gets celebrated and put on a breath taking stage. Getting bigger and better, with every passing year, Iris ’16 was outright Gethu every moment!


With Singers Rahul Nambiar, VJ Archana Chandoke, Actor Ganesh Venkatraman and Choreographer Johny, getting astounded by Ajuba’s talent, the excitement and celebrations skyrocketed!



Iris is the platform for creative expression in Ajuba. Ajubans take the opportunity to travel back in time, relive their college days, enjoy with each other, showcase and appreciate talent, unwind and let loose. The packed auditorium was a testimony to that.


Iris ’16 was like six sixers in six balls! How are we going to top that next year?

Welcoming Innovation and Implementation! Launching SST – Safe and Secure Transport – in Ajuba.

For the past few days, the buzzword in Ajuba has been SST! The introduction and implementation of a superior transport automation tool has gotten people excited, for due reasons. Travel and Transport to and from work is getting safer, easier and extremely convenient. The proposed upgrade will literally eliminate wait time and make safety guaranteed.



The new system focusses on multiple safety and security features, especially for female employees. Increased control to the in-house transport team will ensure effective monitoring of vehicles, round the clock. Vigilance and Validation of Safety of all employees is at the crux of this system.


Training sessions has been going on in full swing, across facilities. Ajubans have been welcoming the upgrade, learning the nuances of the implementation, downloading the App and testing its working. The coming days will see the launch, successful working and review of SST.


We are upgrading, elevating travel experience and enhancing safety.

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