A Rainbow of Entertainment, Dhamaka and Masti!

Ajuba Culturals – Iris ’14

Imagine a Rainbow! What is the first thought that strikes you? Colors! The never ending sky and breathe-taking-scene! When we at Ajuba think about our Culturals it’s the many performances that come to us, all so unique and different in its own way. Just like the rainbow that so beautifully spreads itself across the sky. That’s why we named Ajuba Culturals IRIS! We are one! Yet unique, each on our own!

It all started out with Ajuba’s First ever Carnival, our Ajubans wanted to make the most of their Gala day, the clock turned 12:30 and our venue was filled with Black & Red tags! The performances glittered as ever, with Velmurugan for Singing, Uma Riyaz for Variety, Paloma Rao for Fashion Show and Robert Master for Dance; it was a star studded evening! It was the performances that reigned supreme! Each finalist brought to the fore their most perfected act and blew everyone’s mind away!

The evening also saw some of Ajuba’s projects being launched by our very Tony Mira - Group Founder and CEO, Sue Mira – COO, Arvind Nadella – Sr. Director, Engineering, Hema Parikh – Director, Human Resources, and Narasimha Nayak – Director, Finance and Administration graced the occasion and cheered our finalists on! Wonders, Get Funky, Happometer (what’s this? Watch out for our upcoming blog!) and more were released on the Big Stage!

As the curtains came down at Iris ’14, Ajubans bid adieu to this year’s most awaited event! Only waiting for the next year’s Dhamaka to Roll-out!

Ajubans Rocked and Rolled!

Ajuba Cuturals ’14 – Auditions

From dawn to dusk, there was nothing but pure entertainment! There was Dance, Music and Drama, all at one place, on the same day! The Cultural Storm and Thunder had taken over Ajuba. The first level, Auditions ’14 was an outburst of excellence!

Our participants brought to stage the best of talent and skill. The performances were at an ultimate best! With each performance, the day only got better and better. Be it Singing, Dance, Variety or Fashion Show the talent exhibited was beyond exuberance, and well, it left our judges baffled and stunned! They did have a tough time short listing our finalists. Our judges were Srivardhini and Sharmila for Singing, Yuvaraj and Ajith Neereeskan for Dance, Aravind for Variety and Deekshitha and Harini for Fashion Show who did an amazing job in selecting the Best of best for Culturals ’14.

As a day came to a close it became crystal clear that Culturals ’14 would be a dhamaka indeed!And that our finalists would Rock the Show! All the Best finalists! 

Keeping Safe the Beating Organ! Ajuba’s World Heart Day Celebrations


Heart-shaped balloons were seen all over Ajuba this September. Our Ajubans got curious over the Red hearts above their heads. They were sure it wasn’t Valentine’s Day, what was it anyway?



It was World Heart Day. A day to remind our Ajubans about the little organ that beats day in-and-out, to keep them going… At Ajuba health and well-being of our Ajubans is always considered important, and that is the reason why we never miss out on occasions in keeping our Ajubans Happy and Healthy.


This World Heart Day, Svasth invited Doctors who specialize in Cardio to meet our Ajubans on-floor. The awareness sessions were mainly focused on Cardiac issues, symptoms, prevention measures and the like. Tips on keeping stress away and staying happy all the times received some high emphasis. The sessions were informative and it was a gentle reminder to keep the beating organ safe! Thanks to Ajuba and Svasth, all hearts here are well!

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