The Grand Awards Night. Ajuba Annual Day '15

Rewards, recognition, applause and appreciation. All of this and more go out to those individuals who work hard, exhibit passion and define the very term - excellence! That is why we would like to call our Ajubans, our company’s Stars. With that being the theme for the fifth edition of Ajuba Annual Day, it rained awards!


With the presence of our top management Tony Mira – Group Founder and CEO, Sue Mira – COO, Aravind Nadella – Sr. Director Engineering, Dr. Ganesh Kumar – Director Operations, Hema Parikh – Director Human Resources & Administration and Narasimha Nayak – Director Finance, the event was brought to an open with a glorious start!


There weren’t just claps and cheers but standing ovations too at our star studded evening. From proud superstar award winners to torchbearers of perfect attendance, service awardees with outstanding loyalty, leaders who were declared the finest and so much more. Our winners walked up the stage with their heads held high to receive the prestigious honor of being called the Best! And to receive their awards from their very inspiration and guiding stars – our top management, was yet another brilliant moment!


How can there not be surprises and new additions? Being the fifth year, 5 new awards were included to the long list of awards - Best Supervisor, Best Asst. Manager, Extra Mile, Best Compliant Team and Best Quality Team Awards. There was also a surprise gift to those who completed 5 years at Ajuba – Ajuba branded winter jacket. The Facebook Selfie booth was a huge hit, with interesting sets and props, no one went home without uploading their pictures to Ajuba’s official FB page.


The evening came to a close with the Team Excellence Award, what a way to finish a fabulous show, with loud shouts of joy and excitement! When the time came to dine our Ajubans were treated to a huge spread of lip-smacking food which was thoroughly enjoyed!


We, at Ajuba cannot wait for the 6th edition of Ajuba Annual Day, everyone sure does want to know about the newness and innovations that are to come our way. Looking forward to Ajuba Annual Day ’16!

Truly smashing! Ajuba’s intra-corporate badminton tournament

Our Ajubans walked in on the fine morning of Smash ’15, armed with their racquets and the motive to lift the cup. For both singles and doubles, over two hundred of Ajuba’s badminton enthusiasts registered themselves and were ready to play this fierce game!


Smash ’15 followed a knock-out format throughout the tournament. With 7 games being conducted simultaneously, our players had to quickly juggle from singles to doubles and vice versa. Every match was a tough one with tight games and close finishes. Who will become No. 1, was the thought on everyone’s mind. One after the other our players eliminated each other and the bests of the bests came face-to-face for the Finals, which was nail-bitingly interesting, with players on both sides making sure not to lose a point. Smash ’15 was by, for and of Ajuba, the ICONS Sports members along with our Ajubans conducted, played and umpired the tournament.


With the true spirit of sportsmanship taking the center stage in all of our Ajubans, Smash ’15 ended on a terrific note. Undoubtedly, it was Badminton, all day long!

H for Happiness!!! International Happiness Day Celebrations at Ajuba


A day to celebrate an emotion, one that everyone simply enjoys – Happiness! It’s always good to be happy! And at Ajuba we are a happy bunch! Therefore we took the opportunity to celebrate International Happiness Day along with the World!


The theme for our celebration was Smileys, the emoticons that have been very useful since the time texting came into being. With some on-floor games on the list, Ajuba dipped deep into the colors of yellow and black, from drawing as many smileys as possible to placing the smile on Mr. Smiley with eyes blindfolded to the Happiness Challenge where simple tasks were given to our Ajubans, it was a day with much joy and happiness! Our internal Effective Communication team seized the opportunity to award users of the Happometer app. All winners from the games and happometer received customized smiley goodies.


International Happiness Day was instrumental in reminding each of us at Ajuba to cherish the simple joys of life. Happiness truly comes from within was the message taken home!

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