H for Happiness!!! International Happiness Day Celebrations at Ajuba


A day to celebrate an emotion, one that everyone simply enjoys – Happiness! It’s always good to be happy! And at Ajuba we are a happy bunch! Therefore we took the opportunity to celebrate International Happiness Day along with the World!


The theme for our celebration was Smileys, the emoticons that have been very useful since the time texting came into being. With some on-floor games on the list, Ajuba dipped deep into the colors of yellow and black, from drawing as many smileys as possible to placing the smile on Mr. Smiley with eyes blindfolded to the Happiness Challenge where simple tasks were given to our Ajubans, it was a day with much joy and happiness! Our internal Effective Communication team seized the opportunity to award users of the Happometer app. All winners from the games and happometer received customized smiley goodies.


International Happiness Day was instrumental in reminding each of us at Ajuba to cherish the simple joys of life. Happiness truly comes from within was the message taken home!

A harvest festival in Style! Pongal Celebrations at Ajuba


The very first festival of 2015, Pongal, was ushered in with some modernity and style, and of course the good old tradition combined! Ethnic Week saw its way during this harvest season, our Ajubans walked in an out for an entire week, in dazzling saris and shimmering vestis.


Our offices were decorated with the perfect Pongal ensemble, sugarcanes, pots, pongal and turmeric. Not to forget the exotic kolams! The day was eventful with on-floor games. A modern twist was brought to a few South Indian games, which paved way to some Corporate Style of playing the dare devil games.



‘Strike the piñata’, Aim and Poke were two of the most popular activities. Employees were blind folded and let to play the games with instructions from around. And, we sure did have fun! The entire week was filled with the mood of the festival, with traditional pongal delicacies added to the regular menu; became the icing on the cake! This year’s Pongal set the perfect tone for the many celebrations to come down the year. Here’s to a happy 2014!

The Season of Red and Green ! Christmas Celebrations at Ajuba


As we all know, December is that time of the year where the sheer spirit of the Christmas Season reigns supreme! It is the season to give, be joyful and merry!


At Ajuba, this Season of celebration is always coupled with excitement. There is the happiness of Christmas in all of our Ajubans visible for the eyes to see! The entire office gets decorated, from Christmas Trees to Stars and Stocking, all things Christmassy take over Ajuba. The ever popular game of Chrisma-Christchild starts off as December begins. As the Ajuban tradition goes, Casual Week comes in at the right time to add to the spirit of Christmas. This time around, something took our Ajubans by surprise! Carols were played every week till about Christmas came along through our PA systems. Then came the time to enjoy some on-floor live Caroling! Our bands got all set to transport Ajubans to the land of a Musical Christmas. With a lot of practice and perfection and thoughtful songs selection, our bands sure did Rock this year’s Caroling! While some witnessed bilingual music treat, ranging from melodies to fast beats and some exerieneced all time favorites being played. However, there was one very old man who stole the show! Who else could it be, our Good old Santa Claus, his treats and acts was the icing on the cake! With our Ajubans enjoying the Season, we sure can say we at Ajuba did have a very merry Christmas!

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