When Talent Made all the Difference! Iris - Ajuba Culturals' Audition '15 and Make a Difference Day

How incidental that Iris - Ajuba Culturals' Audition day was universal Make a Difference Day, and Ajuban did just that! The day was high on talent, fun, fervor and spirit, with participants giving their best in categories like Singing, Dance, Variety and Fashion show. The performances were of such great quality that the judges were spellbound and indeed going MAD!

Singers Sowndarya and Hariharasudhan, Dancer Jenifer, Actor Bose Venkat and VJ Anjana graced the day as judges and provided the participants with the right advice and sound judgement. With each performance, the judges were increasingly surprised to know the participants were actually employees of Ajuba and not professionals.

With not the slightest drop in energy at any time of the day, Iris - Auditions '15 was an apt prelude to the Grand Finale. If anything, it only reiterated the fact that Iris '15 is going to truly Rock!

Here's wishing all the participants the very best!

With Love and Giving, Heaven is Earth! Joy of Giving Week in Ajuba.

The act of lightening up someone's life, makes an Angel in each one of us. This year, Ajuba decided to celebrate the spirit of charity by extending support to our very helpful housekeeping and security staff. Between Oct 2 and Oct 9, Ajuba was a heaven of walking Angels, bringing joy and smiles to their faces. The CSR team in Ajuba collated the wishes of all such support staff and put forth the wish-list to Ajubans. Not people to shy down from an opportunity to help others, Ajubans came together in might to fulfill those wishes. Delightful gifts like cricket bats, toys and watches to profound ones like wheel chair, medical aids and wedding trousseau, the array of gifts had the givers and the receivers brim with joy.

At the distribution ceremonies, happy tears of joy and gratitude filled the room in good measure. Ms. Hema Parikh, Director - Human Resources, said, "It is the small things that mean the world to people, and employee contribution is the most active form of corporate social responsibility.", as she personally handed over few of the gifts.

As the adage goes, Charity begins at home and Ajuba is truly home to each one here!

Nine Days to Remind Good always Triumphs! Navarathri Celebrations in Ajuba.

Come October and festivities envelops Ajuba in a riot of celebrations and fun. A traditional Golu is set up across all facilities and Ajubans add their own dolls and figurines to it, making the Golu a true amalgamation of Ajuba's people. The decorations, a true treat to the eyes were accompanied by treats to the stomach as well. A variety of Sundals enhanced lunch each day.

On the ninth day, Ayudha Pooja saw the office adorned in traditional banana leaves and flowers. Colorful Rangolis greeted everyone entering the facilities. Priests were invited to invoke divine intervention and bless all of Ajuba's people and it's tools. Sweets, fruits and puffed rice, the traditional offerings for this day was distributed among all employees.

Vijayadasami, which literally means Victory over all Negatives, embodies the spirit of Ajuba. The determined Ajuban bunch, always triumph, taking the organization to new heights with each passing year!

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