Nine Days to Remind Good always Triumphs! Navarathri Celebrations in Ajuba.

Come October and festivities envelops Ajuba in a riot of celebrations and fun. A traditional Golu is set up across all facilities and Ajubans add their own dolls and figurines to it, making the Golu a true amalgamation of Ajuba's people. The decorations, a true treat to the eyes were accompanied by treats to the stomach as well. A variety of Sundals enhanced lunch each day.

On the ninth day, Ayudha Pooja saw the office adorned in traditional banana leaves and flowers. Colorful Rangolis greeted everyone entering the facilities. Priests were invited to invoke divine intervention and bless all of Ajuba's people and it's tools. Sweets, fruits and puffed rice, the traditional offerings for this day was distributed among all employees.

Vijayadasami, which literally means Victory over all Negatives, embodies the spirit of Ajuba. The determined Ajuban bunch, always triumph, taking the organization to new heights with each passing year!

To the power of 2!

Intra Corporate Volleyball & Throwball Tournament


Sports at Ajuba is always an event to look forward to. High amounts of energy, athleticism and a great deal of corporate sporting talent comes to the fore. The sportsmanship that our Ajubans exhibit, is exemplary! And when two games come together in one package. Everything gets multiplied by 2!



Spike and Sling, a Volleyball and Throwball tournament was put together by ICONS Sports, this September. Our boys and girls walked in on the match day backed up with weeks of practice and a well-planned game strategy to take on the opponent and walk home with the cup of Glory! The tournament followed a knock-out format and every match was a close call. The audience sure did have an entertaining day of rallies between teams. Our participants were asked to name their teams and as always, there were the classics and some interesting ones too – Black Knights, Spartans, Pegasus, Gangsters, Peruveikala Team, Net Weight and more. The winners and runners-up got to take home cash prizes and trophies. The highlight about this year’s tournament was that both runner-up teams were from the training batches, new Ajubans got heads to turn at their success.


Spike and Sling paved way to identifying hidden sporting talent in many Ajubans. With the headcount growing with each passing day, we can only look forward to talent at every front!

Go Green, Ganesha!

Ajuba’s Vinayakar Chaturthi Celebration


Come Vinayakar Chaturthi and what strikes the mind is the yummy modaks and sundal along with the artistic Ganesh statues that adorn many homes. Ganesha is seen taking all shapes and forms this festive season, Computer Ganesha, Soldier Ganesha, Selfie Ganesha and what not!



Ajuba took an Eco-friendly turn - participants were asked to create an Eco-Ganesha. As record goes, Ajubans gets excited when artsy-craftsy competitions come their way. They never let go of an opportunity as such. Registrations came in and were almost never-ending. The day was packed with environment friendly creativity and the Ganeshas that were made ranged from natural clay, wheat, rice flour, maida, and vegetables to coconuts, leaves, flowers and so much more. It sure did give Ajubans the inspiration and fresh ideas to make their own back home.


What is the reason behind going eco, you may ask? This is also the season when environmentalists remind us of keeping the water bodies pollution-free! That is why we put together a competition that would encourage Ajuba to create their own Eco-Ganeshas for poojas at home. And it worked just the way we wanted it to. So if you have missed out on going Eco this year, no worries, there’s always the next year! Let’s go, Eco!

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