When the word of the day was Wow! Iris ’15 – Ajuba Culturals

On 7 Nov, ’15, our Ajubans woke up with only one thought on their mind – Must go to Iris ’15! The one place where you get an assured guarantee to be thoroughly entertained! Iris – Ajuba Culturals is the ultimate platform to showcase talent before esteemed judges, our management and the massive Ajuban audience! This time around, everything was bigger and better than before! Every year, we strive towards taking Iris, one level up!


When the time came to get Iris ’15 started, our management Tony Mira – Group Founder and CEO, Sue Mira – COO, Aravind Nadella – Sr. Director Engineering, Dr. Ganesh Kumar – Director Operations, Hema Parikh – Director Human Resources & Administration and Narasimha Nayak – Director Finance, walked in with style. The creators of this gala event graced the occasion and gave our participants the much needed vibes of positivity and encouragement through their presence.



Our judges were greeted with roars of cheer just as they entered the auditorium. Thus, the mood was set and each category had an overdose of dhamaka and entertainment at its best! Iris had Malgudi Shubaji for Singing (Solo & Group), Ma Ka Pa Anandh for Variety (Solo & Group), Keerthi Shantanu for Fashion Show and Nagendra Prasad for Dance (Solo & Group). Our participants made sure they carved a special niche for themselves in the hearts of the audience and left the judges baffled! The performances were spectacular and lit the atmosphere with claps and laughter. The event saw every emotion there is, our audience went on a roller coaster ride with jaw-dropping to nail-biting moments, some made them roll-on-the-floor in laughter (not literally!) and other brought a tear to the eye. Iris ’15 turned out to be not just an entertainer, but truly a blockbuster!


The show was brought to a close not with a, “We’ll see you next year!” but with a DJ Night where our Ajubans danced to some high octane music. If 2015 was this fantabulous, we cannot wait to see what 2016 has within its hold! Unleash the magic already, we say!

When Talent Made all the Difference! Iris - Ajuba Culturals' Audition '15 and Make a Difference Day

How incidental that Iris - Ajuba Culturals' Audition day was universal Make a Difference Day, and Ajuban did just that! The day was high on talent, fun, fervor and spirit, with participants giving their best in categories like Singing, Dance, Variety and Fashion show. The performances were of such great quality that the judges were spellbound and indeed going MAD!

Singers Sowndarya and Hariharasudhan, Dancer Jenifer, Actor Bose Venkat and VJ Anjana graced the day as judges and provided the participants with the right advice and sound judgement. With each performance, the judges were increasingly surprised to know the participants were actually employees of Ajuba and not professionals.

With not the slightest drop in energy at any time of the day, Iris - Auditions '15 was an apt prelude to the Grand Finale. If anything, it only reiterated the fact that Iris '15 is going to truly Rock!

Here's wishing all the participants the very best!

With Love and Giving, Heaven is Earth! Joy of Giving Week in Ajuba.

The act of lightening up someone's life, makes an Angel in each one of us. This year, Ajuba decided to celebrate the spirit of charity by extending support to our very helpful housekeeping and security staff. Between Oct 2 and Oct 9, Ajuba was a heaven of walking Angels, bringing joy and smiles to their faces. The CSR team in Ajuba collated the wishes of all such support staff and put forth the wish-list to Ajubans. Not people to shy down from an opportunity to help others, Ajubans came together in might to fulfill those wishes. Delightful gifts like cricket bats, toys and watches to profound ones like wheel chair, medical aids and wedding trousseau, the array of gifts had the givers and the receivers brim with joy.

At the distribution ceremonies, happy tears of joy and gratitude filled the room in good measure. Ms. Hema Parikh, Director - Human Resources, said, "It is the small things that mean the world to people, and employee contribution is the most active form of corporate social responsibility.", as she personally handed over few of the gifts.

As the adage goes, Charity begins at home and Ajuba is truly home to each one here!

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