Aattam, Paattam, Kondattam! Iris ’16 – Ajuba Culturals

A Thiruvizha is usually an annual fest where people come together, have fun, take part in competitions, bask in all the revelry! Well, this sounds exactly like the definition of Iris each year. What better theme than Thiruvizha for Iris ’16!


Come November, and epic talent gets unleashed in Ajuba. Be it Singing, Dancing, Variety or Fashion Show, talent gets celebrated and put on a breath taking stage. Getting bigger and better, with every passing year, Iris ’16 was outright Gethu every moment!


With Singers Rahul Nambiar, VJ Archana Chandoke, Actor Ganesh Venkatraman and Choreographer Johny, getting astounded by Ajuba’s talent, the excitement and celebrations skyrocketed!



Iris is the platform for creative expression in Ajuba. Ajubans take the opportunity to travel back in time, relive their college days, enjoy with each other, showcase and appreciate talent, unwind and let loose. The packed auditorium was a testimony to that.


Iris ’16 was like six sixers in six balls! How are we going to top that next year?

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