International Women's Day Celebrations

 Who would expect that in the middle of a busy working weekday, will sprout an hour of complete fun? Well, that's exactly what happened on Tuesday, March 8th. All the women employees at Ajuba were pleasantly greeted on the occasion of International Women's Day and were called upon to gather as a group. Women had to literally push themselves past the crowd of men, who had enthusiastically locked their systems to watch the fun, to come forward. As they gathered together  to play a fun game, smiles spread across the room.

We had a small cup like device to which a wooden ball was attached with a rope. All that the employees had to do was swing the wooden ball and try to catch it with the cup-like device. It's not as easy as it sounds, as it requires synchronization and rhythmical movement to allow the wooden ball fall into the cup and not bounce back. We gave them 30 seconds on the timer and as many tries as they wanted. Before we could finish with the announcements, we had all the women employees asking for their chance at the game. We let three employees compete against each other at a time. Friends cheered  and clapped as their colleagues frantically tried to win the game. The winners walked away with gifts from Home Center-Lifestyle.

There was excitement all across the room, with men coming up to us and asking if they could also play the game. Some friends cheered loudly for their colleagues who were too shy to come forward to play the game. They finally had to give in to the pressure and a couple of them even won the game! Some employees were so happy that they won, that they wanted to share the gyaan with their fellow mates as they coached them on how to accurately throw the wooden ball.

At the end of the event,  everybody was elated and happy, and most importantly, all the employees had bonded really well, like a family. As we left the room, we wished them all a happy Women's day once again and after a loud round of applause, employees resumed their work.

We wish to note that this year, 2011, marks the centenary year for International Women's day celebrations, a milestone for womanhood.

It was a fun day for all the employees, not only the women!

We take this opportunity to wish every woman, a Happy Women's Day!  

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