Face Painting Competition

Ajuba’s Festival of Colors!


At Ajuba, Festivals give us a reason to bring in our spectrum of cheer and joy. For Holi, this year, we wanted to bring in the varied hues and colors into our office space with a face painting competition.


With a face as the canvas, the artists enhanced its natural contours with concepts, designs and themes. From serious issues to fun ideas, the creativity of the participants had everyone in awe. The pollution, eye donation, blood donation, gender equality, save water, Ajubans never cease an opportunity to show their solidarity for social causes. On the light side, we had cats and tigers, fairies and face masks to avatar and Halloween.



The judges for the events had a tough time choosing the winners. The presentation and the thought process coupled with the efforts invested by the teams were the deciding factors for the judges.


The office space had a sea of colors adding to the cheer and the joy of Holi. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Holi. May the festival of colors add its own colors to your life!

Intra – Corporate Carrom Tournament

Eye on the Red!


The Sports Season in Ajuba has kick-started with an Intra – Corporate Carrom Tournament. The event was conducted in Singles and the Doubles category. The call for entries saw an overwhelming response. The entire season saw more than 300 boards being played. And each game had its share of excitement, fun and anxiety!



Finalists from each of Ajuba’s facilities converged for a Grand Finale, an inter-facility gala affair. With adrenaline running high, the event progressed from one level to another. The cheering squad of each finalist added to the merriment of the day. The Finals of both Singles and Doubles stood testimony to being the Grand Finals in every sense of the word with Nail-biting finish that had the audience in tethers!


A special mention to the spirit of female participants who wanted to compete with the boys and gave them a tough competition.  


Ajuba congratulates all Winners and Participants who displayed great levels of sportsmanship and enthusiasm. With more sports events in the anvil, there is much more to come!

Pongal Events – 11th Jan to 16th Jan 2013

Thai Porandha Vazhi Porakkum!

It’s a belief that with Pongal comes joy, happiness and good fortune. So in Ajuba, we did our bit to make sure there was plenty of joy (events and competitions!), happiness (in participating and winning!) and good fortune (some great prizes!) all around.

As a run up to Pongal, a Pot painting competition was conducted across facilities. Entries poured in! It was very heartening to see the enthusiasm that the young corporate crowd has in traditional practices like Pot painting. The venue for the event was also draped in the hues of colorful celebrations. There were pots, paints and people, all raring to go!


The participants were given one hour to unleash their creativity on the pots. With ideas aplenty, each pot told a story. From using pulses on the pots to beautify it, to depicting the various aspects on Pongal using aboriginal stick figures, to fine art, to a modern day adaptation of Pongal with cooker Pongal, the gamut of interpretations had the judge stunned!

The final presentation by the participants deserves a special mention. At the end of the one hour, out came the sugarcanes, the kolams, cotton flowing out of the pot signifying Pongal, the hand made stoves with paper cups and illusion of fire with colour paper and lights!

The judge for the event, Ms. Hema Parikh, Director – Human Resources, placed special emphasis on attention to detailing, correctness of concept and presentation.

The winners in one of the venue managed to depict all four days of Pongal in hand drawing and painting. In the other venue, the winners brought in the concept of Pongal in vivid and bright colours which caught the eye of the judge.

At Ajuba, we believe in going to full length! After the employees came back from the short Pongal break, they were in for another contest. A simple game that everybody could participate in. A pot was placed in each facility with things that represent Pongal; Sugarcane, Turmeric, Jaggery, etc. The employees were asked to lift the pot and guess the weight.

A lucky draw was conducted from all the right entries. The prize was a Pongal Blockbuster ! Well, quite a few movies released over the Pongal weekend, the apt prize thus seemed like movie tickets. The winners walked away with gift vouchers that they could redeem for movie tickets at a leading multiplex in the city.

On the whole, Pongal was eventful, in a flurry of activities! Pongal O’ Pongal!

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