Yet Again in Ajuba’s Kitty! – Award for “Managing Health at Work”

Fostering a Healthy Workplace!


Our Employees are our Biggest Assets, making sure they are healthy, happy and appreciate work-health balance, without doubt, is our way of Life.


The efforts invested by Ajuba was duly recognized and awarded at the 4th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award, where we got the distinction of being an organization that excels at Managing Health at Work. It was a glittering awards ceremony in Singapore with the biggest names across Asia in attendance.


Ajuba’s initiatives in Managing Health at Work go beyond just health education and explore the realms of practical implementation for enhanced quality of life.


It is an honor to be recognized as one of the best in the pan-Asia arena. The award is especially enriching because it is in a category that Ajuba considers its topmost priority, The Wellbeing of its Employees.

Awards for 2012 - 2013

Accolades pour in!

At Ajuba, working towards being the best is the functional core of our existence. And when awards come our way in recognition of that, they honor as well as humble us. While we are elated with the recognition, we are also aware of the benchmarks we are setting for ourselves and constantly striving to outdo ourselves. The beginning of 2013 has been a testimony to our work with a spew of awards for efforts invested in 2012.

Ajuba was recently bestowed with 3 internationally recognized awards,

  • Best Employer Brand by Asia BPO Excellence
  • Best Fun at Work by Asia BPO Excellence
  • Best Fun at Work by World HRD Congress

The awards ceremony was held between the 14th- 17th of February, 2013 in Taj Land, Mumbai. In attendance were the who’s who of the BPO industry in India.

Ajuba’s employees are its biggest assets. We strive to excel is any initiative that would keep our assets happy and satisfied. It comes as no surprise that Ajuba was adjudged the “Best Employer Brand” and lauded for its “Fun at Work” initiatives.


The “Best Employer Brand” award takes into consideration the entire gamut of criterion from pre-recruitment activities till retirement policies. With our excellent HR practices, best-in-class compensation and growth opportunities, interesting employee engagement activities and insistence on employee comfort and satisfaction, we emerged clear winners!

The “Fun at Work” award places importance of the quality and quantity of the efforts invested by a certain company in keeping its employees happy and the work environment, fun. In Ajuba, Fun at Work practices includes celebrations, competitions and culturals. All festivals are celebrated with great fervor and events are conducted to showcase the talents of our employees spread throughout the year.

Annual Day – July - 2012

Employees are an integral part of any organization and to recognize and acknowledge their incredible efforts Ajuba has a "Structured Recognition Program"

Both the individuals and teams who go that extra mile to service their departments and the organization are identified and honored through a magnificent event aptly called “The Ajuba Annual Day”. In nutshell it was a star studded night with all the Rising Stars, the Super Stars, Exceptional Leaders, Outstanding Teams walking one after the other on the stage to collect their award and striking a picture with pride.

All the awards were distributed by the “Management Team” and our Co-Founder & Group CEO Mr. Tony Mira was also present in the ceremony especially to encourage and congratulate the winners. It was indeed a great honor for all the awardees to have received the trophies from Tony & Vice President - Operations and all our Directors. There were also service awards given to employees who completed ten and above years in Ajuba. All the service awardees shared words on there journey during the years. It was really motivating and inspiring.

Tony also shared the future plans and declared the goodies, T-Shirts & Bags to be distributed to all the Ajubans. The event thus ended with a grand feast.

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