MiraMed Ajuba’s Vision statement reflects the organization’s fundamental objective and provides it with a strategic direction. It is a structured outcome of evaluation of the current situation combined with goals for the future.

Our vision

To be recognized  as a performance leader  with customized approach to deliver a comprehensive end to end business process solution that specializes exclusively in the healthcare industry.


Miramed Ajuba’s Mission statement communicates the essence of the organization to all of the stakeholders, clients, employees and the public.

Our mission

To provide the highest level of quality and innovative business solutions and services to our clients.

To retain our employees’ unity, commitment and loyalty.


At MiraMed Ajuba, everything that is undertaken is inspired by the organization’s vision, mission and values. Acting in accordance to the values continually increases the strength of the company. They guide the way we work with our employees, with our clients and with each other.

Our Core Values

Excellence and Innovation:
The Focus in MiraMed Ajuba is to always exceed expectations. To excel in performance and delivery. To challenge the present for a better future.


Learn. Work. Grow. When continuous and diligent learning reflects on work, it results in growth.


MiraMed Ajuba is a system where advancements are based on individual ability and merit. Recognition and awards are fair and timely.


Team before Self:
In MiraMed Ajuba, it’s always the team that is before and above self. Respect, trust, camaraderie, harmony and unity are integral parts of our everyday functioning.

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