Tony Mira
Founder & Group CEO

Sue Mira

Donna Perry
Vice President - Operations

Aravind Nadella
Senior Director - Engineering

Director - Operations

Hema Parikh
Director - Human Resources &

Narasimha N K
Director - Finance

We Believe in

At MiraMed Ajuba, we just don’t talk about values but live them. Integrity, relentless pursuit of excellence and treating employees as our most valuable asset, are never compromised on.

Integrity is the first and foremost criterion while we recruit and promote people. It is also one of the most important considerations while selecting business partners.

Relentless pursuit of excellence is with one single minded goal: to create customer delight. This excellence is achieved via continuous process and technological innovations.

Treating employees as our most valuable asset has helped in fostering a culture of trust and commitment, throughout the organization, that spurs our employees to give their best, day in and day out. It has also been the key reason why we have repeatedly received rankings

like 3rd best BPO employer in India, one of the top 25 Great Places to Work in India.

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