Ajuba was started to help our clients do business better by applying our domain expertise with the vision to exceed expectations in delivery.


It all began when the Founders of Ajuba saw an opportunity that almost seemed impossible, way back in 2001. To start a Business Process Outsourcing company in Chennai. It was at a time when North Indian cities like Gurgaon and Noida were peaking at their best with clients and processes. It was almost like a Wonder to the Founders to see their vision turn into reality in Chennai. Thus Ajuba (English: Wonder) was born.


Ajuba is a pioneer and has been instrumental in bringing Business Process Outsourcing to Chennai. We are well positioned and equipped to partner with healthcare organizations with constant reengineering and being responsive to changing client needs. We have set benchmarks for process standardization and have been the face of the Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the city.


It was a moment of great pride when Ajuba was formally rechristened MiraMed Ajuba in 2017, affiliating to our parent company, the global MiraMed, in name and brand.


From humble beginnings with a 100 employees, MiraMed Ajuba is today an employer brand with over 3000 employees and steadily growing with every passing day. The phenomenal growth of MiraMed Ajuba can be attributed to the opportunities that the organization presents not just to its employees but to all its stakeholders. With the company, all associated have also grown.


In this journey,

  • We have expanded to 5 facilities in Chennai
  • Increased client base from 1 to over 100
  • Focused on Specialization to position ourselves as a Niche Service Provider
  • Dispelled notions about work styles, culture, safety etc. that are usually associated with this industry
  • ITES Innovations for guaranteed exemplary delivery


Since its inception, through its functioning, MiraMed Ajuba has proved that it is in the direction of the future that it heads in. A strong foundation of continual innovation and the courage to implement revolutionary ideas fueled by the best minds in the industry has been the underlying driving force of the organization.


What does the tomorrow look like for MiraMed Ajuba? We will continue to delight clients with some of the best delivery practices integrated with the best of technology to meet their business needs. We continue to chart into new territories of services value adding along the way to provide superlative support.


MiraMed is a group of multinational companies, specific to the global healthcare sector. MiraMed Ajuba, along with all the organizations part of this global family, work in synergy and cohesively provide customizable solutions to healthcare providers the world over.

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